:: Version History

12 Dec 12, v2.06
- expiry tracking fine-tuned

9 Jun 11, v2.05
- tracking of userid for payments for easier future lookup
- uploading of official invoice documents when inserting payment records
- addition of Payment History for customers
- download of official invoice documents for customers

16 Feb 11, v2.04
- addition of 95th percentile numbers for colocated and dedicated servers
- addition of date & time of the peak bandwidth throughput measured for the month

20 Jan 11, v2.03
- subscription add-ons/options are not listed completely
- no. of subscriptions in the servers were wrongly including deactivated subscriptions

1 Nov 10, v2.02
- added breakdown of charges payable in the expiration notificationsBugfix
- VNC to KVM VDSes was not working

10 Oct 10, v2.01
- addition of subscription options/add-ons for OpenVZ VPSes and KVM VDSes, and displayed accordingly in subscriptions' info screen
- bandwidth additions/upgrades now factored in when calculating bandwidth

3 Oct 10, v2.00
- version upgrade due to addition of ability to manipulate KVM VPSes

11 Sep 10, v1.01
- availability of reinit option for VPSes even when powered on
- hostname and nameservers are preserved when reinitialising OpenVZ VPSes

- OTP emails does not contain the OTP password
- OTP emails not displaying the correct action that generated the OTP
- template choice not available for reinit screen
- password not provided in the notification email for reinit requests
- current template not shown in the OpenVZ VPS info screen

1 Sep 10, v1.00
Initial release, comprising a control panel for colocated and dedicated servers, and OpenVZ VPSes.