:: Terms of Use

ConceptLane Pte Ltd ("ConceptLane") provides the use of this in-house developed "Unified CL Control Panel" ("uCLCP") for its customers, and is meant to provide near instantaneous information and action in the management of your server and/or VPS by bypassing the procedure of requesting for ConceptLane's actions. We have no wish to put up a complex and tongue-twisting legally-binding document - we just want to highlight two values which we strongly believe in: goodwill, and mutual trust.

ConceptLane puts forth this guarantee that all versions of uCLCP have been and will be thoroughly tested prior to release. However, we strongly suggest that any non-reversible action which may potentially lead to undesirable/irreversible consequences be tested using a dummy target ("dummy test"). If you have no knowledge or are unsure on performing a dummy test, please contact us and request for some guided assistance on your intended task(s).

ConceptLane will not and can not be responsible for any loss or leakage of data or important information, whether directly or indirectly as a result of the provision of uCLCP, including but not limited to: misuse due to password mishandling, hacking or cracking by any parties, or inherent uCLCP bugs. Any misrepresentation of data/information found within uCLCP is also unintentional; if you find such an occurence, please inform us and provide as many details as possible, in order for us to take all necessary actions.

If you do not agree to indemnify ConceptLane against anything and everything, please inform us of your requested management actions and we will process it accordingly; thereafter, kindly leave and do not use uCLCP until you agree to indemnify us.